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Regarding “Medicare Supplier Standards and Procedures Resources Guide for DME, Rehab and O&P Providers”

In late July and early August, VGM sent its members a guide entitled, “Medicare Supplier Standards and Procedures Resources Guide for DME, Rehab and O&P Providers.” The purpose of the guide was to provide VGM members with a tool kit for compliance. Included in the guide was the form, CMS-855s that providers could use to submit new or updated information to the Nations Suppliers Clearinghouse (NSC). At the time of the guides’ production and mailing, VGM included the most recent version of the form.

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Since then, however, CMS has updated the form, which may be found on the CMS Web site or by clicking here. Providers who need to submit updated information (i.e. accreditation or surety bond information) should use the newer form. 
Surety Bond / Accreditation Reminder:
The National Suppliers Clearinghouse (NSC) has indicated that it may revoke the billing privileges of suppliers that are not compliant with accreditation and surety bond requirements by the Oct. 1 and Oct. 2 respective deadlines.
Don’t Wait!
If you have completed the accreditation and/or the surety bond process; are credentialed by one of the 10 organizations deemed by CMS for accreditation; and/or have obtained a surety bond, it is crucial that you forward your information to the NSC to avoid backlogs and disruption of work processes for applications. Failure to submit this information may result in revoked billing privileges for up to ONE YEAR! 
Instructions to submit Medicare Surety Bonds to CMS
Applicable bond paperwork should be submitted along with:
  • Section 12 of the 07/09 version of the CMS-855S (click here to download)
  • A signed and dated certification statement from that application.
    • A cover letter that explains the purpose of the submission is suggested, but not required.
  • If the supplier has multiple locations, it may submit one set of bond paperwork, one certification statement, etc., encompassing all of its locations.
Additional instructions supplied by VGM Insurance may be found here
Questions about the surety bond can be addressed to the VGM Bond Hotline: 866-497-0472
Instructions to Submit Accreditation information to CMS
Suppliers should report their accreditation information to the NSC using the CMS-855S form, filling out sections, 1, 2A1, 2G, and 15. Completing section 13 is optional. 
Suppliers must also verify the products and services for which they are accredited. This must match what is on file with the NSC. If there are any changes, complete sections 2B and 2C.
Unless that have recently submitted a change to their enrollment information on file or have recently submitted reenrollment information to the NSC that included their accreditation information, suppliers who were accredited prior to Jan. 1, 2008 must be sure that they report their accreditation status to the NSC by Sept. 30, 2009. 
Where to Submit your CMS-855S Form
Upon completing the CMS-855S form, suppliers should send to one of the following addresses:
National Supplier Clearinghouse
Post Office Box 100142
Columbia, SC 29202-3142
Overnight Mailing Address:
National Supplier Clearinghouse
Palmetto GBA* AG-495
2300 Springdale Drive, Bldg. 1
Camden, SC 29020
It is suggested that suppliers send the form via the United States Postal Services, certified.
Information for Suppliers who will not be Accredited or have a Surety Bond by the Deadlines
Suppliers who have made the decision not to obtain accreditation or surety bonds, or will not have their accreditation or surety bond completed prior to the respective Oct. deadlines, may want to VOLUNTARILY TERMINATE their enrollment with the Medicare program by completing the sections associated with voluntary termination on page 4 of the CMS 855S. Once complete, suppliers should sign, date, and send the completed application to the NSC. 
Voluntarily terminating your Medicare enrollment should preserve the supplier’s right to re-enroll in Medicare, once requirements to participate in the Medicare program are met. Failure to voluntarily terminate your enrollment with the Medicare program will result in revoked billing privileges and bar you from re-enrolling for at least ONE YEAR after the date of revocation.
Call VGM at 800-642-6065 or the NSC at 866-238-9652 if you have questions.
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