2017 Building Opportunities Summit

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If you’re looking to grow your home modification business, you don’t want to miss the AHIA 2017 Building Opportunity Summit scheduled for Aug. 30-31 in Ravenna, Ohio, and Oct. 17-18 in Denver, Colorado.

The summit will offer three different tracks:

Installer and new employee tracks: Two tracks will run concurrently with content from nine manufacturers. The tracks will cover installations, hands-on opportunities, and in some cases, sales training. Manufacturers represented will be: EZ Access, Harmar, Liko, Best Bath, Rane Bathing, Trending Accessibility, LiveWell, PromenAid, and Clean Cut. This will be a great chance catch up with some old favorites and see several new vendors.

Executive track: The purpose of this track is to bring company leaders together for some big-picture, high-level education and networking on how to develop best practices and how we together can meet the challenges of growing our businesses and industry.

Keynote Speaker: Louis Tenenbaum

Louis is a 30-year advocate for aging in place and is responsible for bill H.R. 1780, the Senior Accessible Housing Act being introduced in Congress. The passionate Tenenbaum will give us the big-picture view of the industry and network with us to devise an effective action plan to move the industry forward.

Day 1 Sessions

Mark Richman from VGM HOMELINK will present a session on what a great home modification HOMELINK partner looks like and insight on the workers’ comp industry.

We will have a presentation on VA opportunities and ways to engage with a local VA.

We will hear from our research analyst who is helping us upgrade our Live at Home Pro app to become the best home safety assessment tool in the industry.

A marketing track will provide you with recommendations on how to capture more cash business.

And, we will have a round table discussion to identify our big challenges and how together as providers, manufacturers, and AHIA can pool our resources to grow the industry.

Day 2 Sessions

Day 2 will continue with hands-on opportunities for installers and an executive networking event at the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Day 2 will end at 3:30 p.m. EDT.

Summit Fee and Registration

Registration fee for this two-day summit is $100 for VGM members. All others are asked to call Jim Greatorex directly at 844-526-9547.

All meals will be covered by VGM. The event will be sponsored by VGM Insurance Services.

Click here to register.