3M’s No-sting Barrier Protects Skin Integrity

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Whether it’s antimicrobial protection, catheter securement, skin protection, or protecting the body from bacterial or viral intruders, 3M has a solution for you.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and functions on many levels. We need to protect the skin and keep it viable in order to keep us healthy. A big buzzword in wound care right now is MARSI (medical adhesive-related skin injuries). Skin integrity can be maintained even when repeated dressing changes are required with a 3M product – Cavilon no-sting barrier film. It forms a protective coating between the skin the adhesive part of the dressing or tape. When an adhesive product is removed from the skin, the Cavilon no-sting barrier film is removed instead of the skin cells. 

3M tegaderm is a trusted, transparent film dressing with a semi-permeable layer that helps keep virus and bacterial activity from an IV site or an opening in the skin. It also makes visibility easy because it’s clear, breathable, and easy to apply.

3M has many other wonderful evidence-based products that always keep the patient’s health first. Click here to take a look.