A Cool Tool - Interactive Map Pinpoints Where Reimbursement Lines Fall

Posted on in Government and Advocacy

VGM Group has released a new tool for suppliers to use as they assess where CMS has deemed rural, non-rural, and competitive bidding areas to be.

The interactive maps include all 50 states and allow providers to determine which category a ZIP code falls under.

“With the proposed changes coming down from CMS excluding relief from the non-bid areas and opening up competitive bidding areas to any willing provider,” said John Gallagher, vice president of VGM Government Relations, “it is important that providers understand what they will be reimbursed and where those lines fall on a map. This new tool will allow providers to easily access that information on the VGM D.C. Link website.”

Click here to access the maps!

These DMEPOS geographic classifications maps contain data compiled from multiple public sources. The maps are divided into four categories: Rural, Non-rural, Round 1 CBA, and Round 2 Recompete CBA. The maps also contain the general locations of critical access hospitals in their state, demonstrating the major difference in classification for DMEPOS versus critical access hospitals, which are designated to improve health care access to those in rural or more vulnerable areas.

Similar to the functionality of Google Maps, suppliers may click and scroll to interact with the program, click on any ZIP Code Tabulation Area to see the ZIP code and category, or search by specific address at the top of the screen.

“Whether a supplier wishes to explore new territory, find out which area a new patient resides in, or where the competitive bidding area lines are, this tool should prove to be helpful and informative,” Gallagher stated. “Rather than having to scroll through tens of thousands of lines in multiple spreadsheets, suppliers can now find this with one click of a mouse.”

For more information about the DMEPOS geographic classifications maps, contact VGM’s Government Relations team at (800) 642-6065, or visit