A Fresh Alternative to Enhance Relationships with Referral Sources

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Choose-a-Fresh-AlternativeChoose a Fresh Alternative

Educational Marketing Material can enhance relationships with referral sources There is an ancient mind-training technique that offers a three-pronged approach toward developing the life-long ability to recognize when we are being triggered, to recognize the habitual thought patterns that usually follow those triggers, and then to choose a fresh alternative to those counter-productive thoughts and actions. Certainly in these challenging times throughout the HME industry, those triggers are plentiful and compelling. As an equipment provider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily tasks and decisions of simply running the business. Looming issues of reimbursement rulings, proper documentation from referral sources, diversification decisions, etc. supply enough angst for several lifetimes. This timeless technique can be effectively applied to the real-time stressors faced by today’s HME providers. The first challenge in this three-step approach is awareness. First we must become aware of the trigger, the thing that hooks us and draws us to that place of furrowed brow and knotted stomachs. For many providers just the word “Medicare” will do it. Then we pause. We pause in our awareness, and third? We consciously choose a fresh alternative to our habitual, engrained reaction. So, let’s use reimbursement issues as an example: The script from the physician is missing some vital information or the order doesn’t support the diagnosis. Feeling frustrated would be a normal, engrained response. This many times sets off a familiar chain reaction of feelings and events. Maybe a frenzy of phone calls, a few expletives under your breath as you charge through your day feeling rightfully annoyed by this seemingly avoidable nuisance, and one that concentrically affects so many people, most importantly the patient who needs the equipment to feel better. Now rewind to that initial feeling of frustration, and pause. Now choose a fresh alternative. That might look something like this: take a deep breath, calmly take steps to rectify the immediate situation and then look to resources that could help prevent this situation from becoming a recurring nightmare. What if the referring physician were educated about what was expected? Might he or she be more likely to provide you with a properly filled-out script? And the rippling effect that happens could be kind and gentle, yes? Especially if you are the one offering the education! Enter the Medicare Quick Reference Guide. It offers a fresh alternative to frustration and anxiety, a fresh solution to the challenge of educating referral sources on this complicated issue, and a fresh approach to educational marketing with its easy-to-use tiered format, and personalization options. The color-coded graduated tabs make it easy for you, your staff, and most importantly, your referral sources, to instantly flip to the appropriate equipment page. The booklet is a comprehensive guide to Medicare’s face-to-face rules, and according to more than 300 VGM Members who have been using it since its inception last Spring, it works, and it works well. “Those Medicare Quick Reference Guides are the best thing since penicillin. We gave them to all the discharge planners in our area, we gave them to physicians’ offices, and our intake staff keeps them next to the telephones. When we get an order that isn't supported by the diagnosis, we call the healthcare provider and remind them to use the guide we gave them. We have even had providers call and ask for more copies for their office staff. Those guides have eliminated a lot of hassle for us.”
  • Annette Z., Mercy Home Medical Equipment
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