A Mobile App for Home Modification Pros: Imagine the Possibilities

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What if conducting a home mods assessment was as easy as posting a picture online or sending an email using your iPad? Imagine if you could conduct the assessment anywhere, from beginning to end, saving time on data entry and expediting the process.

VGM’s AHIA has found a way to make it work. We’ve created the Live At Home Pro mobile app with a website that will revolutionize the way home modification experts evaluate, recommend modifications and communicate proposals to customers and their teams.

The app allows contractors to take photos and insert recommendations or annotations, as well as collect digital signatures for approval. The app includes a loadable product catalog and generates email proposals, all from your iPad wherever you happen to be.

View a demo of Live At Home Pro

“Live At Home Pro was specifically designed for members in the field looking for an easy-to-use, streamlined assessment and sales tool,” said Jerry Keiderling, president of AHIA, a division of VGM Group, Inc. “It creates professional proposals with HIPAA-compliant security and also allows providers in the field to communicate with the back office.”

Live At Home Pro provides the tools to efficiently assess the safety and accessibility of a home and follows the progression of an actual in-the-field home assessment. Home mod experts are prompted to answer questions about the safety features already present in a home, and the app will develop appropriate recommendations and a proposal.

Darren Corcoran, chief operating officer of Vets Access, LCC has tested the app thoroughly.

“No matter if you are working with a private pay customer or a pay source, you will be able to provide a living environment report with the client abilities,” said Corcoran.

Live At Home Pro will be demoed at Medtrade Spring, 2016. For more information contact AHIA via email, call 877-404-2442 or stop by VGM Booth No. 324 during Medtrade.