Aces Hosts Webinar: Hackers Are Out to Get YOU (and May Already Have!)

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Computer hackers around the world are targeting small-sized health care providers in the United States to gain access to ePHI. American patients’ ePHI records are valuable assets in the dark Internet.

Due to the proliferation of attacks and ePHI breaches in recent years, large enterprises have battened down the hatches to protect their data assets from unauthorized access. Subsequently, hackers have moved down the food chain to target smaller-sized providers who have not adequately shored up their defenses. Many providers have already been breached and don’t know it. 

Most small-sized providers do not have the expertise or IT security knowledge to ensure they have secured their data borders. Reliance on outside vendors with incomplete solutions can leave gaps in security coverage. Those gaps put your company at risk of exposure to unauthorized access of ePHI in your environment.

During this webinar, attendees will learn why health care providers are prime targets for hackers and how you can protect your network from this costly threat. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why small-sized health care providers are prime targets for hackers.
  • Learn how hackers gain access to your data.
  • Learn how to discover if you have already been breached.

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