Afflovest Can Offset Competitive Bidding Losses – By How Much? Find Out Here.

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AffloVest is the lightest, first truly portable high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vest and is approved for Medicare and private health insurance reimbursement in the United States. AffloVest provides treatment of respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis and similar related ailments. New and innovative products like Afflovest have always been a key part of the successful HME story and will continue to be a major revenue driver in the industry.

Afflovest has created a special value proposition worksheet for VGM Members. Click here to access the VGM Members Only webpage. Once you login, the worksheet will display.

It is a simple-to-use, well-designed Excel worksheet that is set up to automatically calculate oxygen, CPAP and ventilator losses caused by lower reimbursement rates. It will also calculate the financial opportunity that selling Afflovest will bring to a DME supplier.

Click here to see how selling Afflovest will benefit your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about AffloVest, the highest capped rental reimbursed product in the respiratory market space, please email Bob Ellis, VP of Sales and Marketing at International Biophysics Corp at [email protected]. Learn more at