Affordable Solutions to Help You Boost Your Online Presence

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Source: VGM Forbin

In this day and age the internet, computers, and smart phones have completely taken over the world of marketing. Recently, mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing, and new studies show that by the year 2020, 70 percent of all internet browsing will be performed on mobile devices.

For home modification businesses that do not have a website or have an old or outdated website, chances are you’re losing potential customers because they are unable to search for and locate your business on their mobile device.

At VGM Forbin, we specialize in helping home modification businesses just like yours thrive through a variety of digital platforms.

  • PowerWeb™ 4.5 This mobile-friendly website platform is the website solution that allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. Showcase your most valuable products and give your customers valuable information such as services you offer and locations they can visit. This secure product also allows you to make your own changes and updates to content and imagery so you can always keep your customers in the know.
  • Social Media Marketing – One of our social media specialists creates and manages your Facebook page completely or will partner with you so you can easily advertise coupons, products, and new services to help increase foot traffic to your business.
  • Custom Campaigns – Whether you want to showcase a recent home modification or you want to increase brand awareness about a specific home modification brand on service, the Google-certified team at VGM Forbin can create landing pages, visually-stunning Facebook ads, and targeted Google display ads to increase awareness of your product or service.
  • Reputation Management – Good or bad, all customer reviews can affect your business’s reputation. The skilled team at VGM Forbin will monitor all reviews and will respond to both negative and positive customer reviews. All reputation management techniques will be approved by you prior to publishing a response.

Free tools your business can use right now to get in front of potential customers:

  • Google Business Listings – Attract new customers with a free Google business listing. Provide your business location information, reviews, and business hours.
  • Facebook Insights – This free tracking tool is perfect for home modification businesses that already manage their own Facebook business page. It will help you to determine demographics, see key performance statistics, and help you develop a strategy to increase likes and visitors to your Facebook page.
  •  Think with Google – Test my Site – Find out how quickly your website pages are loading with the free Test my Site speed tool. Remember, slow sites lose more potential customers!

Get in touch with VGM Forbin by calling 877-659-5241 or by visiting today to learn about the incredible AHIA member discounts available. We can discuss your online marketing strategy and show you how to raise awareness about your home modification or HME business while effectively showcasing all your products and services.