ALERT! Cures Act Retro Mass Adjustments Have NOT Started

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By Ronda Buhrmester and Dan Fedor, VGM Reimbursement Specialists

Do you remember the articles that both CGS and Noridian released in May indicating they are prepared to begin the mass adjustments? After listening to a joint DME MAC ACT call on June 28, we learned the mass adjustments have NOT started!

According to the DME MACs, a beta test was being performed to find out the system process and limitations. This explains why suppliers were reporting to us that they were receiving the adjustments -- because they were part of the beta test.

When Will the Mass Adjustments Actually Begin? 

According to the DME MACs – and we quote – “very soon.” You can imagine our frustration upon hearing this information. If you were on the ACT call, you would have heard it as well. What we have to remember is that CMS is in charge and giving direction to the DME MACs CGS and Noridian.  

We went back to the original change request that was released in February – CR9986 – and it does indicate an implementation date of July 3, 2017. This means the “very soon” that the DME MACs are stating could be within the next couple of weeks. 

The DME MACs did state more information would be released regarding the mass adjustments, so stay tuned for additional information.

Please Keep Us Informed

We still want to hear from you as you start seeing the adjustments and any issues you encounter, so please let us know.

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