All the Feels! How to Inspire Feelings of Delight and Customer Loyalty

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By Beth Cox-Hollingsworth, VGM Marketing

Delight = Activation of an Unexpected Positive Feeling

Marketing researchers identify the feelings of delight as joy, surprise, and high self-esteem. Their research shows when these feelings are tied to a brand, it will improve customer loyalty and increase word-of-mouth advertising. In other words, intentional creation of delight for customers adds to profits.

A misconception is that the phenomena of “delight” resides in high-level euphoric states. An unexpected shift in positive emotional state can happen for many reasons, at many emotional levels. You never know when tapping into a customer’s unique needs will create just the answer they unexpectedly desired.

Use These Techniques to Increase Your Chances of Inspiring Delight 

1. Build the Customer’s Confidence, Like Tony Robbins
Stimulate “ah-ha” moments or clarity.
Enhance the customer’s self-worth or self-image
Inspire them to believe “I CAN fulfill my dream, task, goal, etc.”

2. Provide Opportunities for Connection, Like WeightWatchers
Let them know they’re not alone.
Become part of their group or tribe.
Demonstrate friendliness and empathy.

3. Provide *Time Savers, Like Amazon Prime
Minimize customer waiting time.
When they are waiting, make the time meaningful.
Show how your product or service creates more time for the customer’s passions or focus.
(*Time = Money)

4. Create a Fun or Whimsical Experience, Like Cirque Du Soleil
Help your customers view life through the eyes of a child, using all five senses.
Inspire laughter and escapism.
Make the impossible possible, like magic.

Can you think of a customer delight that doesn’t fit into Confidence, Connection, Time Savings or Fun/Whimsical categories? Let me know about it in the comments.

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