Are You on the Defensive When It Comes to Cybersecurity? 8 Tips to Start Protecting Your Business Online NOW

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By Cassi Price, VGM Forbin

A common misconception among small businesses is that they’re too small to be attacked online. The fact is the enemy sees your small business as an easy target. In 2014, 60 percent of all online attacks targeted small- and mid-size businesses. Research also states that one in four small-business owners understand very little about security threats, which makes the small business a prime target for hacks. The threats don’t stop there.

According to McAfee, 43 percent of all company data loss or breaches are caused by employees; only half of which are accidental. While we agree that your employees are probably your greatest asset, they can also be your greatest threat.

In order to keep your business safe, the team at VGM Forbin is providing you with tips to prepare your cyber defense, both on your website and in your office:

  1. Security audits – Are you award of all the system threats affecting you now? Find a consultant, or use a free online resource to identify the system threats to your operations.
  2. Updates – Are you protected against the latest malware and viruses? Update your operating systems, patches, browsers and security software regularly. Completing this step will help you actively defend against new malware and viruses.
  3. Firewall protection – How safe is your internet connection? Install an updated firewall on all internet connections being used to access your private network.
  4. Encryption – Is the information submitted through your website secure? Secure the information coming in with encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which makes data submitted and stored on your website unreadable to individuals without the proper access.
  5. Employee education – Are your employees aware of the latest cybersecurity threats to your business? Facilitate training with your employees so that they are educated on proper security measures, and be sure to retrain regularly using new cyber threats to keep them prepared. VGM Education offers an online training program called VGM Secure, which is designed to educate your employees about cybersecurity. Contact Megan Kraft at [email protected] or 888-786-6628 for details.
  6. No public Wi-Fi – Do your employees have access to company email on their mobile devices? If they do, odds are they’ve accessed company email while using public Wi-Fi. To fix this you can ban your employees from accessing company email on public Wi-Fi, offer a mobile broadband device or set up mobile devices to automatically run on a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when using public Wi-Fi.
  7. Two-factor authentication – How easily can your employees access company files from unsecure devices? If your employees are regularly accessing company email or company files from their mobile devices or from home, the solution is two-factor authentication. This provides an extra layer of security because it requires the user to submit two means of identity confirmation.
  8. Know your employees – How well do you know your employees? When you’re involved in your employees work, you are more aware of major events going on in your employees’ lives. This can help prepare you for when an employee is vulnerable to a security breach.

Following these eight tips may not prevent all security breaches, but they will make you a much harder target to hit. The key to cybersecurity is to remain vigilant. You must constantly prepare for new threats by updating your online security and by holding your employees to a high standard of security. If you have questions about how to keep your company secure online, reach out to VGM Forbin today at 877-814-7485.