AutoExec has been providing solutions for the mobile office since 1994.

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Today the term “road warrior” has a different meaning then it did when we first began over twenty years ago.  With the improvements in technology over the past few years, like the tablet and smart phone, working anywhere is not an issue; however, the interior of a vehicle has not changed, making it more difficult to work ergonomically and safely.  AutoExec is committed to providing solutions that help solve these issues and improve the work environment for the mobile worker on the road.

Our focus is on creating a more productive and secure environment for anyone working in a vehicle. We have many customers; however, if we had to define the demographics of our “end-users”, we would tell you that there are several distinct groups of road warriors at AutoExec.

  • Medical (Home Health Care Nurses, Physical Therapists, etc...)
  • Sales (General)
  • Insurance (Adjusters and Sales)
  • Utility (Service Providers)
  • Municipalities (General)

Not unlike our traditional office spaces, the mobile office has many challenges.  We are constantly struggling to stay productive and keep our work space organized and efficient.  Whether or not your focus is on safety, ergonomics or productivity, there is always room for improvement. 

  • Productivity – creating a more efficient work environment that supports all of the technology deployed to the mobile work fleet
  • Ergonomics – providing a comfortable work solution to reduce injury while working mobile
  • Safety – properly securing devices to reduce distractions -  keeping items stowed securely so they don’t slide around while the vehicle is in motion (reduces distractions and keeps equipment from becoming damaged) and placing an office in the backseat so the occupant will work when the vehicle is parked
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