Back to School – Perfect Time to Review Employee Education and Training

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By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, VGM Education

Does back to school have you thinking about whether your staff is on track to fulfill CEUs before year-end deadlines? It may seem overwhelming to plan of requirements and scheduling for each employee’s needs, let alone think about adding want to’s to an ever-growing list of must do’s.

Continuing Education is Good for Business

Professional development – continuing education – goes beyond compliance training: the more you invest in employees, the better the outcomes for your customers and patients. Studies show that helping employees to develop professionally can make them more loyal and productive and assist with succession planning, among other positives.

VGM members have many opportunities to train and educate employees through various VGM programs.

“VGM will not only educate and empower your staff through in-person training and online programs but will enhance your business operations,” said Paul DiMarco, president, VGM Education.

Conventions and Conferences

Conferences are an excellent option for packing training into a few days. Now is the time to follow-up on CEUs earned at conferences attended this year such as Medtrade Spring. Heartland Conference attendees could earn up to 21 CEUs -- and some did.

Before every conference, be clear about the requirements to earn CEUs. Heartland learners had to attend 90 percent of a session and turn in a written evaluation. Laura Taylor, Heartland Education coordinator, is completing the quality control process to ensure learners receive certificates for all CEUs earned. Her goal is to have certificates out 12 weeks after Heartland.

"However, we're looking to be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule at this point," Taylor said.

Track Learning Monthly

Whatever your process for tracking employee training, running monthly reports helps employees stay on track rather than waiting until the last minute, said Megan Kraft, Inside Sales and Customer Service manager for VGM Education. This can also help with scheduling training time for employees who do not typically have access to a computer at work.

"You can save that report in your file each month, so you know which courses people have yet to complete," Kraft said.

The process is made easier with VGMU Online Learning. VGMU managers can pull User Course Status by Group and select status "Not Attempted" to view which employees have not completed assignments. To follow up, export the report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, then email employees on the list.

VGMU allows you to track both VGMU courses and non-VGMU training. Adding an in-service to VGMU is as easy as calling or emailing VGM Education with the date, the total amount of time and the names of the training and presenter. A VGM associate will create the event in VGMU and assign it to employees you have scheduled to attend. Afterward, all you will have to do is mark which employees completed the education.

Accreditation Requirements

For CEU requirements and a listing of courses required by any accrediting body, go to that organization's website to review at least annually. That is the best way to make sure accreditation or certification requirements haven't changed, Kraft explained.

You may be able to earn much of what you need through VGMU Online Learning. CEU designations available through VGMU include:

  • ABC – O&P
  • BOC – O&P
  • AARC – respiratory
  • RESNA – rehab
  • CCMC – case managers
  • IACET – many state boards accept this CEU for pharmacy credits, nursing credits, etc.
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Employee Cybersecurity Training in Four Minutes a Month

Small businesses are easy targets for cyberattacks. Research states that one in four small-business owners understand little about security threats. Train employees on proper cybersecurity measures, and retrain regularly. VGM Education offers VGM Secure, an online cybersecurity video series. Each animated, three- to four-minute episode, based on real-life security breaches and situations, is designed to engage and educate your employees about cybersecurity threats. A new episode is released every 30 days to reinforce security awareness regularly.

What you Need to Know

Not a current VGMU Online Learning user or want to learn more about VGM Secure? Contact Megan Kraft via [email protected] or call 888-786-6628.

Are you a current VGMU user who would like to know more about tracking in-services through VGMU? Call 866-227-8171.