Build a Profitable Pediatric Program With VGM Respiratory

Posted on in Product and Service Solutions

Over the last several months, VGM Respiratory has launched a number of product classes, including oxygen, sleep, and non-invasive ventilation to name a few. The goal of these product classes is to help respiratory providers get the resources they need to build profitable programs. Now, VGM Respiratory continues this effort with its Pediatric Product Class Program.

Whether you’re already involved in pediatrics or are looking for new opportunities to explore,  VGM Respiratory’s new product class has the resources to help you get started.

Take infant cardiorespiratory monitoring, for example. Part of the product class program is designed specifically to help you take a look at your business and determine if this avenue fits into your business model. For example, as with their other product class programs, VGM Respiratory has a profitability calculator available to let you see whether getting into infant cardiorespiratory monitoring is worth it to you.

In addition to infant cardiorespiratory monitoring, the Pediatric Product Class Program features products such as nebulizers and pulse oximetry. And, some of the other resources available include:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Billing tips
  • Forms
  • Educational materials

To learn more about the resources available or to start building a profitable pediatric program, visit