Capitalizing on the Momentum against Competitive Bidding

Posted on in Growth Strategies

Another day has passed and competitive bidding remains the law of the land in the DMEPOS industry. Providers continue to air the same frustrations with the program since the introduction of it years ago. Most feel that these cries for help have fallen on deaf ears, but through the hard work of our members meeting with their legislators over the course of the year, our industry has built strong momentum going into these final months. It is important to know when dealing with government, especially at the federal level, the most important trait required to succeed is perseverance. The DMEPOS industry embodies that trait every day by helping patients persevere through their challenges and live the highest quality of life possible.

It is time to build on the momentum that has been increasing, and reach out to your member of Congress once more to follow up with them and continue the conversation. We are seeing strong developments, and are looking forward to bill language to help fix the problems competitive bidding has caused. We are asking any of our members to call and email their member of Congress again asking them to reach out to Sen. John Thune’s office, by contacting Dennis D’Aquila in the Senate. For congressmen, urge them to reach out to Dr. Tom Price in the House by contacting Amanda Street and Carla DiBlasio in his office. As we anxiously prepare for the introduction of these bills, the more support that is gained before introduction, the much more likely these bills will end up on the president’s desk.

Our call to action: Please call the office of your legislators in both the Senate and the House and ask them to reach to Sen. Thune and Dr. Price to show support for replacing competitive bidding. We also urge providers to visit our Action Center by clicking here and send a letter to your legislators.

Every little action helps and we must continue to build off of the strong momentum our industry has worked so hard to achieve!