Caretailing Made Simple!

Posted on in Service Solutions

Caretailing is where traditional HME practices, retail science strategies, and the genuine concern of a caregiver come together so your customers and patients receive the best healthcare experience possible. When customers receive the best care possible, they have a better chance for a faster, more specialized recovery and will be a satisfied and loyal customer for years to come.

Caretailing may seem like a daunting task. Many HME providers think “I’m not a trained caregiver, how am I going to know what the customer needs?” While you may not be a trained caregiving professional, caretailing isn’t a technical practice. It can be as simple as thinking to yourself, “If I brought my loved one into an HME with this certain condition, what kind of care and products would I want them to leave with?”

Still not sure where to start with your business?

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes with limited knowledge about HME products. Now think of it using these examples:

Your father just had a hip replacement and is having trouble getting out of his regular bed.

His doctor suggests he get a hospital bed until his hip heals more. So you take him to the HME down the street and pick out a bed. But what does every bed need? Bed sheets of course. The caretailer at the HME shows you a selection of Twin XL bedsheets so you don’t have to make an extra trip to get some. The caretailer also asks if your father likes to eat or watch TV in bed, which he does. She lets you know they have several over the bed trays that work well with the bed you’ve chosen. Finally she asks about pillows. Thinking about it, you realize his pillows are looking rather poor. Maybe you should get him a couple new ones so he sleeps better. Now, not only is your father getting the bed he needs, but also all the accessories to make him truly comfortable and happy.

You and your wife just had your first baby!

You’re overjoyed and excited to bring your new bundle of joy home, but first you need to stop by the local HME for your wife’s breast pump. Seems easy enough, but you’re only thinking about bringing baby home, not about all of the extras you may need with the breast pump. A good caretailer would explain that often times when mothers pump, they need nipple butter to make it a more comfortable experience. And, soon baby will need her first bath, so you’ll need baby body wash and lotion. Not to mention the poor baby’s bottom once diaper rash sets in. In their Mom and Baby section, the caretailer shows you all the bring-home-baby products they carry. Now, rather than just leaving with a breast pump, you’re going home with all of the essentials so you can focus on your little bundle of joy!

Repeat this thought process for any insurance product you carry. You’ll think of several add-on products that’ll give the customer a true caretailing experience!

So why do you as an HME business owner or customer service employee care about caretailing?

It’s simple! When customers receive excellent care, they live happier, heal better and faster, and will be returning to your store the next time. So not only are you getting the original sale of the hospital bed, breast pump, or any other product, you’re also benefitting from the add-on product sales and future sales of that customer. It’s a win-win for everyone!