Certified Ramp Tech Program Launched at Heartland

Posted on in Education/Training

The VGM Heartland Conference 2016 was the prime event for AHIA to launch a new certification program: Certified Ramp Technician (C.R.T.).

With home accessibility taking a large focus at the conference, those working in the industry were looking for programs and certifications to set them apart as professionals. Operating in conjunction with VGM Education and VGMU on-line university, the C.R.T. program allows for that individual credential while training at their own speed and anywhere they have web access.

This five-module C.R.T. program has been developed to educate the environmental access and home modifications professionals in ramp installation that safely resolves individual accessibility needs.  The program is designed to reduce the disparity in training and professional knowledge among those who evaluate, install and maintain modular ramp systems that provide residential access for people with physical challenges.

This program also assists those studying for the Certified Environmental Access Consultant (C.E.A.C.) program and will be a strong component of future mastery programs to come.

Click here more information and registration instructions.