Choosing the Right Battery for Your Customers

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Gel vs AGM: Matching Product to Need

Provided by MK Battery

When choosing the right battery for your customer, there are a number of things to take into consideration.

Are they a full-time CRT user? Do they have extra bells and whistles such as tilt, recline, elevation, seating systems? Do they go long distances and deeply discharge their batteries?

Are they a part-time user? Do they have lighter duty Group 2 basic consumer power? Do they have a limited range need around the house or on weekends and are they more shallowly discharging their batteries?

Gel and AGM batteries have what we refer to as Cycle Life. A Cycle=1 discharge and 1 charge. The Cycle Life of any battery depends on the depth of discharge (D.O.D.). Below is a Cycle Life chart that shows the depth of discharge vs. the number of cycles.

Cycle Life

D.O.D. MK Genuine Gel AGM
# of cycles # of cycles
100% 450 150
80% 600 250
50% 1000 500
25% 2100 1200

Typical D.O.D. for a full-time CRT user would be 80%. Using MK Genuine Gel every day would yield approximately 600 cycles or days of battery life. Using AGM in the same application would yield approximately 250 cycles or days of battery life. The best overall value for the full-time CRT user would be the MK Genuine Gel Technology, while AGM would be better suited for part-time users.

Qualifying each customer and matching the right product to their individual needs is critical to not only providing the customer the best value but also ensures that you as a provider mitigate costs in replacing batteries prematurely.