CMS Releases Interim Final Rule Fee Schedule for Rural Areas

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CMS has officially released the new fee schedule for the rural areas, which is affected by the recent interim final rule. Click here to view the entire list and open the file named “DMEPOS_IFC” or “PEN_IFC.”

A few examples include:

  • Oxygen concentrator - E1390 – $121.46
  • CPAP device - E0601 - $73.87
  • Mattress - E0277 – $438.56
  • Standard wheelchair - K0001 - $42.22
  • Lightweight wheelchair - K0003 – $66.62
It is VGM’s position that these rates are a step in the right direction, but still fall very short of the permanent reforms that the industry demands to continue serving patients with quality equipment and adequate care. VGM will continue to fight for CMS to implement sustainable rate methodologies and apply them to all non-bid areas, as well as high-level competitive bidding reforms to ensure that prices are truly reflective of the market.