Coming Soon: Live At Home Mobile App Revolutionizes Home Mod Assessment

Posted on in Service Solutions

LiveAtHomeAHIA, a nationwide network of independently owned and operated, certified providers and contractors dedicated to providing Accessible Home Modifications, Independent Living Solutions and related products and services is developing Live At Home, a mobile app with website that will revolutionize the way certified providers, contractors and experts in the home modification industry evaluate, recommend modifications and communicate proposals to customers and their teams. AHIA began developing the Live At Home as a solution for members in the field looking for an easy-to-use, streamlined assessment and sales tool, capable of creating professional looking proposals with HIPAA-compliant security and the ability to communicate with the back office. This quest for a solution brought rise to Live At Home. The convenient mobile app will be an excellent tool for accessibility professionals to carry during home assessments and will offer the following benefits:

  • Accessibility design on-site
  • Take photos and insert recommendations
  • Type annotations on photos
  • Loadable product catalog
  • Digital signatures for approval
  • Generate email proposals
  • And more
The app which is currently in beta test, will first launch for the iPhone and iPad. Look for additional details coming soon. Live At Home is scheduled to launch Oct. 26 at Medtrade 2015.