Competitive bidding legislation is all about the details

Posted on in HME Government Issues

Last week, Speaker Boehner gave a very passionate exit speech about how patience and endurance can get you anywhere. We can all take a page from this book and practice patience as we wait for the upcoming legislation to alleviate some of the burdens accompanying the competitive bidding program. In the meantime, we will do what we can to help the efforts.

VGM Government Relations has been closely working with Congressman Price’s office and Sen. Thune’s office. We asked again-what is the delay? They are reportedly working on a few technical issues to get the bill released. In Congress, taking care of all of the small details is what separates a strong bill. In the meantime while we wait, Thune’s office discussed the need for a lead Democrat on the Senate bill.

VGM’s Government Relations Team reached out to many Senate Democrats asking to support the up-coming legislation and to consider being the lead Democrat on the bill. We’ve primarily been reaching out to Democrats that have been supportive of our issues in the past and Dems that are on key committees.

We are working to build a coalition with key members of Congress, gaining support of our issues. Hopefully everyone’s efforts of education and grassroots activities over the past year will pay off. When a bill is introduced, we will need to be reaching out to Congress again.  

What can you do? Reach out to your member of Congress!  We need everyone to call, email and send letters to their member of Congress asking to support this legislation. Ask your member of Congress to reach to Congressman Price’s office and ask your senators to reach out to Sen. Thune’s office. Once the bill is introduced, we won’t have a lot of time. Anything you can do now will help. VGM’s DC link has the tools you need to message your member of Congress.