Competitive bidding rural rollout 2016 -- Get your patients involved now!

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rural-rollout-get-patients-involvedEvidence against competitive bidding continues to mount. Over 500 patients and caregivers struggle in Rhode Island after a DME supplier suddenly closed, reported WPRI Channel 12 News on Sept. 9. Full story here People are desperately looking for answers and providers have their hands tied. Unfortunately, this dialogue is far from unique in our industry, but for others, is brand-new. On Jan. 1, 2016, CMS plans to expand competitive bidding program rates to rural America. This means that rural equipment providers will face a reimbursement reduction of 45 percent in most areas. The effect on seniors and people with disabilities will be devastating. At People for Quality Care, we refuse to idly sit by and watch this happen; your work and patients matter too much. We will launch a grassroots campaign soon to speak out against the rural rollout and need your help. Help propel our grassroots efforts by getting your patients involved now.

  • Educate your patients about competitive bidding and its impacts. You can find patient-friendly talking points here.
  • Share this interactive data map we designed on your social media sites and websites. Our digital map illustrates how medical equipment access issues continue to plague beneficiaries.
  • Make sure to inform your patients that the bidding program is scheduled to expand to rural America on Jan. 1, 2016, for a sense of urgency about the cause.
  • Conclude by asking your patients to email or call their legislator to ask them to support legislation that stops rural rollout. Legislative contact information can be found at
More information about our grassroots campaign will be released shortly. Please continue to visit our website and Twitter and Facebook pages for details. Thank you for your continued commitment to the industry and the people you serve.