CONNECT is Changing

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One of VGM’s priorities is to help you cut through the clutter and get your hands on the information and ideas that are most relevant to your business. 

Beginning August 2, the information you get in CONNECT will be divided into editions: CONNECT Classic Edition, CONNECT SmartBiz Edition, and CONNECT Vendor Edition. 

Additionally, the "Most Read Stories from this Week's CONNECT" will no longer be sent on Fridays. 


Each edition will be delivered on its designated Wednesday of the month. 

CONNECT Classic Edition

The Classic Edition will feature original articles and information from VGM’s industry experts, as well as education opportunities.

CONNECT SmartBiz Edition

The SmartBiz Edition will inform you and link you to relevant education opportunities, including trainings, webinars, and VGM Education.

CONNECT Vendor Edition

The Vendor Edition will feature experts articles written by VGM Vendor Partners, as well as vendor promotions and education opportunities.

Please note that, in months with five Wednesdays, no CONNECT will be sent on the fourth Wednesday.

Timely Information Continues

VGM will continue to provide timely information throughout each month. To see the latest on what's happening across the industry, set as your home page or bookmark it for easy access and follow us on your favorite social media platforms.