Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

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Throw away the magic eight ball! We have the most relevant and probable cybersecurity predictions for this year. Take a look at what’s ahead to find out how the health care industry will be impacted in 2019.

1. Health Care - A Major Target

Health care organizations will be at the top of the list for hits from cybercriminals in 2019. It’s no secret that with the large amount of data health care organizations obtain, hackers can benefit tremendously from an attack. It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing security measures needed to ward off cybercrime. The value and opportunity available are very enticing to criminals.

2. A Stormy Cloud

Many have moved their data over to the cloud; some examples of this digital storage being O365, Google Suite, Azure, AWS. The goal of this being that it would not only decrease the risk of a breach but serve as a backup if an issue occurred. However, this “safe zone” will be a high target this year. All cloud-based electronic health histories could be at risk.

3. Goodbye Single Login

No longer are traditional password requirements cutting it for cybersafety. Password theft and hacks will be rising. This creates an imperative need for multi-factor authentication and potentially even a complete replacement of the password system with something more secure.

4. An Increase in HIPAA Compliance Budgets

With the growing sophistication of cybercriminals and the increased cost of recovery from a hack, you can expect to see an increase in HIPAA compliance budgets. CEOs and even tech companies will be held accountable for any compromised HIPAA information. The investment in protection is worth the cost of not being able to serve patients due to a breach.

5. A Whole New Level of Artificial Intelligence

AI can be a powerful tool in cybersecurity. It’s essential for health care organizations to have the upper hand on it before the hackers. AI can quicken response time to threats and may be used in place of passwords for tighter protection of protected health information.

6. The Talent Gap

To put it simply, the cybersecurity workforce cannot keep up with the growing demand. According to the BLS, the need for talent is growing at a rate unlike ever before, with an expected 25 percent deficit in the talent gap. This is why it’s important for health care organizations to find a security partner they can trust and stick with for 2019.

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