Detailed Written Order – What is Needed?

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By Ronda Buhrmester, U.S. Rehab Since the implementation of the Face to Face Ruling (F2F) on July 1, 2013, there have been a lot of questions and discussion about what’s acceptable versus unacceptable when it comes to detailed written orders. The detailed written order needs to include all of the following elements: At a minimum from Federal Register Nov. 16, 2012 for the F2F ruling

  • Patient name
  • Item ordered
  • Ordering Practitioner signature **signature must be dated**
  • Ordering Practitioner NPI
  • Date of order
May need to include additional information such as:
  • Start date, if different than order date
  • Diagnosis related to condition requiring the item-- if the item is diagnosis driven
  • Length of need ---if required per policy
  • Method of usage, required on some items, such as oxygen via nasal cannulas/mask
  • Other items according the medical policy
Remember the detailed written order can be completed by the supplier, and then have the practitioner sign and date. Here are a few reminders to suppliers that are common errors:
  • Be sure to use a date-received stamp that shows that the detailed written order was received prior to delivery. Be sure the date stamp is clear that it was “ABC supplier” that received the information on the indicated date.
  • Make sure the detailed written order is individualized for the patient. This means that having a checklist of items on the order that have all been checked is not acceptable. The only items that need to be listed are those the patient is receiving. Here is an example for PAP equipment that shows acceptable versus unacceptable.
In summary, the required elements and rules for detailed written orders have not changed except for three items under the F2F ruling: include the prescribing practitioner’s NPI, get the order prior to delivery and use a date-received stamp. For any further questions, please contact the Reimbursement Team: Ronda Buhrmester, CRT Reimbursement Specialist: Respiratory, General DME, and F2F requirements O: 888-665-6518 [email protected] Dan Fedor Reimbursment Specialist: Complex Rehab, PMD, ADMC Prior Auth Project O: 844-794-8459 [email protected]