Don’t Miss U.S. Rehab’s Tech Training Coming to Detroit, February 9-11

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U.S. Rehab is hosting four Tech Trainings in 2016. The first training of the year will be held February 9-11 in Detroit. Tech Training is a three-day seminar where wheelchair repair technicians learn power wheelchair servicing and repair techniques taught by manufacturer representatives. Trainings will also be held at Heartland Conference in Waterloo, Iowa in June, Salt Lake City in August and Greensboro, NC in October.

Last year, U.S. Rehab worked closely with industry expert Dick Fuller of Richard Fuller Consulting to reduce redundancy and to expand the program to include content that cannot be found in other tech trainings.

Each Tech Training seminar begins with a comprehensive overview of batteries, motors and controls that is similar to most manufacturer training. Technical trainers from Invacare, Motion Concepts, Permobil and Sunrise Medical will provide hands-on training and repair tips and tricks specific to their products. Unique to this seminar will be an overview of potential seating and postural issues that wheelchair repair technicians may encounter and a discussion of when clients should be referred back to an ATP. There will also be a focus on how to make your repair department into a profit center rather than a cost driver.

Tech Training has also expanded from the basic manufacturer tech training into higher-level material that is appropriate for techs who have experience in the industry. Seminar registration includes a pre-training refresher webinar, which touches on frequently used vocabulary and basic wheelchair and scooter problem areas.

“We’re trying to take a more focused effort to help providers run a functional and profitable operation,” said Greg Packer, president of U.S. Rehab.

“The U.S. Rehab tech seminar was one of many components of training necessary for me to gain valuable knowledge and the CEUs required for ATP testing,” said Jesus Martinez, general manager, A&R Medical Supply, Albuquerque, who attended Tech Training in Dallas last year. “I was able to attend with one of our new technicians who left the seminar with much more knowledge and confidence.”

Any provider who has a technician successfully pass Tech Training receives additional parts discounts from Invacare, Motion Concepts, MK Battery and Permobil. Each attendee can also earn 2.1 CEUs for attending the seminar. Class size is limited to provide the best opportunity for one-on-one with each manufacturer trainer.

“Attendees are given the opportunity to receive face-to-face, personalized training from the leading manufacturers of custom mobility in our industry,” said Martinez. “The representatives are seasoned, highly-skilled and highly-knowledgeable in their respective fields.”

Even the most experienced techs can learn through the seminar. Technology changes, and it is always best to build on what you already know and learn how it applies to new products.

Adjust to Staffing Changes with More Trained Techs on Staff

Whether your business is growing and you need to add techs or if you’re facing staffing changes for other reasons, the three-day seminar is a fast way to best ensure all techs are up to speed.

The looming retirement of an experienced tech can also lead to a need for tech training. Martinez said his company is preparing for a few years from now when A&R Medical founder and CEO Calvin Kobayashi retires. Kobayashi’s departure will leave a void because he has served A&R Medical as a primary ATP and has been an integral part of A&R Medical’s technician training and quality oversight, Martinez said.

Tech Training doesn’t end with the seminar. Each participant receives a binder chock full of information that they can use as a resource on the job. A trained tech will become a resource for your other techs, too.

Repair techs with less than two years’ of experience are encouraged to take Fundamentals of Repair: Power and Manual Wheelchairs, which are online review classes available through VGMU Online Learning.

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