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Cindy Diehl YangBy Cindy Diehl Yang, Vice President, VGM Education

VGM Education values its customers – their time, their energy, and their input. At VGM Education we heard you when you shared with us ideas on improving our web-based education system – VGM Education Online Learning – for all users. We are excited to provide you with what you have been asking for in order to make training easier for your employees. The updated version of the VGM Education system has all of the functionality of the current system, but incorporates your feedback in such a way as to allow for easier management of your learning.

What’s Available for Users?

What will employees have available to them with the enhancements?

  • The login page will allow them to view their learning assignments as soon as they login
  • An updated employee profile page that contains a graphical representation of their learning process and a dashboard of their courses
  • Course Assignments can be scheduled ahead to allow for implementation of the annual training calendar at the beginning of the year

Below is a sneak peek of the new employee profile page that will be available for your employees. The new profile page will have a specific learning menu for each user. Also available will be a dashboard of their learning and a list of their education needed or in progress.











What’s Available for Managers?

As managers, you need to be able to get the information about your employees on demand and on a regular schedule. You need to be able to track your content and see which employees are ahead in their training and which ones need a nudge.

For managers, the key enhancements that have been added to our system are:

  • The manager overview page will allow you to see your employees’ learning assignments, with those that need your attention at the top of the list
  • Improved reporting features that allow you to schedule reports to be sent to them regularly – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • The ability to schedule Notifications to users to alert them to assigned courses, upcoming courses that are due, courses that are overdue, etc.
  • The option to upload your own custom content into the system and the ability to track that content
  • The ability to incorporate and track live, instructor-led training into the system

Below is a look at the new manager overview page that will be available for your use once the new look is functional for your organization.








What is not changing?

  • Our commitment to being partners with our customers
  • Our quality, industry-leading course content
  • Our exceptional customer service

Demos Are Available – Contact Us to Set One Up

We will offer demos of the new VGM Education Online Learning system for both managers and users. To register for a demo, please contact VGM Education at 866-227-8171 or [email protected] to select your preferred date and time.

This has been an exciting summer as we planned and developed the new functionalities that you will be using. We are thrilled about the features that are now available and are looking forward to your using the system. We value your partnership and want to make sure that we are providing you with the best partnership opportunities that we can.