European Wet Room: A Trending Solution

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The tub-to-shower conversion is the most popular remodeling/new construction trend. One of the biggest trends in showers is the European wet room: a curbless shower. The wet room was invented in London in the 1980s and has been used globally as a solution to achieve a fashionable and safe curbless shower.

A European wet room is a whole-room solution that waterproofs the entire bathroom and provides a curbless result in the shower. A curbless shower is an architectural statement that offers a seamless look and eliminates the compartmentalized effect of most bathrooms. It eliminates the largest physical barrier in the bathroom, the bathtub. A wet room, curbless shower will open up the bathroom for more useable space.

A Reliable Construction System

The European wet room is a construction system that is made up of two components: a load-bearing, pitched-to-the-drain shower pan and latex waterproof sealant. The shower pan is placed directly on the joists and is secured with construction adhesive and screws. Once the shower pan is installed, all the joints and seams in the shower and bathroom floor are covered with flexible crack isolation tape. The crack isolation tape is spackled with liquid latex onto all the joints and seams. The shower walls, shower floor, and bathroom floor are then completely painted with two coats of latex. The floor is then covered with thinset and tiled. This system offers a faster install with no mess.

This is a predictable and reliable construction process that has unique features and benefits with more than 250,000 installations globally.

Below is a short video about wet room construction.

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