From Our Friends at VRM Telematics: How Small Fleets Can Reduce Liability Risk and Expense

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 93 percent of crashes are caused by human error. Technology that offers vehicle fleet managers and drivers the ability to observe, analyze, and modify unsafe behavior and sharpen driving skills can address what this statistic reveals is the critical focus in ensuring vehicle and driver safety.

Managers of fleets are encouraged to develop a fleet safety program not only to protect their company and their drivers but also for the safety of the general public. The safety program should establish objectives to insure compliance and provide resources that are necessary to implement and maintain the program.

Telematics (real-time tracking devices) are an essential part of any fleet safety program. These devices can do more than just report your vehicles’ locations and how long your drivers spend at each job site. The systems can also help promote safety and encourage drivers to engage in safe driving practices — giving fleet managers the ability to hold them accountable.

Exactly How Does a Telematic Device Impact Driver Behavior?

  • 45% fewer vehicle accidents
  • 75% reduction in speeding events
  • 90% improvement regarding distracted driving
  • 80% reduction in aggressive driving

Telematic devices dramatically reduce expenses:

  • 25% fuel savings
  • 30% drop in idle time
  • 10% fewer miles driven
  • 14% lowering of maintenance costs
  • 15% spike in productivity
  • 20% increase in vehicle utilization
  • Reduced insurance premiums in most states

Benefits of telematic devices: 

  • Reduces liability risk by monitoring safe driving behaviors
  • Reduces liability risk by preventing distracted driving
  • Reduces expense by monitoring predictive engine health data
  • Reduces expense by reducing fuel costs
  • Reduces liability risk by monitoring predictive engine health data
  • Reduces expenses by reducing insurance claims and workers’ comp costs

VRM Telematics’ Sentinel Pro – Reduces Distracted Driving

Management of fleets in the health care industry is encouraged to weigh the advantages of adding a tracking device to each of their vehicles. VRM Telematics has introduced Sentinel Pro. This real-time tracking device now offers an innovative patented solution to monitor cell phone use while driving. VRM Telematics is the ONLY company that offers this feature!

You might ask why Sentinel Pro tracking devices should be installed in home health care fleets. Sentinel Pro helps reduce distracted driving, particularly cell phone use. In addition, the device can be turned on and off for employees who use their vehicles outside of working hours, easily assigns drivers to different vehicles, plus it can send in-vehicle audio messages to “Safely pull over and check your messages.” Finally, fleet managers should check with their insurance carriers to discover the impact on insurance premiums.

If driver safety, fleet efficiency, corporate liability, and improving your bottom line are important to you, take time to check out our solution, Sentinel Pro. 

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