From PlayMaker CRM - Visibility: The Sales Manager’s Guide to Success in HME

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Lack of visibility into sales rep activity prevents many HME sales managers from achieving their sales goals. To effectively manage your sales team, you must be able to identify what’s working so you can adjust as needed.

Tracking market data, electronic health record information, and relationship history provides you with the complete picture you need into your team’s sales activities. Decisions based on an incomplete picture put you at a competitive disadvantage when trying to maximize the efforts of your reps.

Three Ways Top Sales Managers are Planning for Success

Visibility into sales activities provides you with the information you need to isolate what’s working for your HME company and develop a plan for success.

  1. Identify referral trends – Use your market data, EHR information, and relationship history to identify trends and evaluate the development of referral source relationships. This information helps you determine if you are getting all the referrals possible from each referral source. Developing targeted messaging to unlock hidden potential within existing referral sources translates into a lot of untapped revenue.

  2. Track progress towards sales goals – Regular monitoring of your sales funnel activity provides you with valuable insight into the key areas of referrals and patient orders. Use this information to help determine your focus on key referral sources and measure whether your reps are on track to meeting or exceeding their goals.The key to replicating success in your HME company is to identify what’s working based on what your data is showing you and clone that behavior with each sales rep. Identify market share slips and increase the speed at which you address them before they become a significant problem.

  3. Maximize coaching opportunities – Successful sales managers look for coaching opportunities to further develop their sales reps’ skills and improve their performance. To create effective coaching plans, you need insight into who your reps are seeing and what they’re saying while they are there. Use relationship history, including call notes and visit activity, in conjunction with your sales funnel metrics to develop coaching around:
  • Your competitive advantage
  • The referral potential of an account
  • Messaging to develop the relationship further

Refine your strategy based on what you know is working. This will enable you to efficiently and consistently replicate success within your team to further your sales growth.

Five Steps to Maximize Your Team’s Efforts

Put your plan into action with these five tips designed to maximize the efforts of your sales team, and put your HME company on track to meeting your goals.

  1. Know which referral sources to target based on your company’s competitive advantage – HMEs that can focus on patient outcomes and quality transitional care to avoid readmissions are highly valuable to a referral source and facility. Use your outcomes program data to show why you should receive the business over your competitor. This information will also allow you to develop a sales strategy that identifies the referral sources that are best suited for your company.

  2. Develop effective messaging – Consistent messaging is essential for success. Develop messaging around your unique value proposition and communicate that to your sales reps. Your company’s outcome scores and customer service separate you from the competition; ensure that your reps are using that messaging when they’re visiting referral sources.

  3. Monitor sales rep activity – Use relationship history to monitor your sales rep activity. Find out if your reps’ visits are providing value and turning into lucrative referrals. If not, take steps to develop a plan to change that, or redirect your reps toward more lucrative opportunities in your market.

  4. Identify what’s working – The key to replicating success in your HME company is to identify what’s working based on what your data is showing you and clone that behavior into your reps through coaching opportunities to yield a high performing sales force.

  5. Recalibrate your strategy – As you meet and exceed the sales goals you’ve set for your agency, it’s time to recalibrate your strategy to further the growth of your HME company.

Managing a large territory with lots of activity and multiple reps requires a sound strategy if you want to achieve your sales goals in competitive HME markets. PlayMaker CRM is the only all-in-one solution that integrates market data, EHR information, and relationship history to provide you with total visibility into your market. Only by combining all three can you achieve full visibility into referral patterns and trends within your company and the market as a whole.