From Sickness to Wellness: Remedy Health & Wellness Store Adapts to a Changing Industry

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By Staci Langel, VGM Retail Services

Our industry has been in a constant state of change over the last decade. Especially our customer base. Instead of solely serving seniors who want to remain in their homes, we are now working with new mothers, athletes with sports injuries and people in need of products to maintain their active lifestyle.

This has required us to change our thinking “from sickness to wellness;” a mindset the newly-opened Remedy Health & Wellness Store in Asheville, North Carolina, has adopted.  

“By offering an extensive inventory of health and wellness supplies, our team at Remedy Health & Wellness look forward to helping people of all ages and abilities live fulfilled lives,” said Marcus Suess, co-CEO of All-States Medical and the new Remedy Health & Wellness Store. “We are very excited about this new venture and the opportunity to fill a need in the community.”

As soon as you walk into Remedy, you will find the idea of wellness has been weaved into the entire persona of the business and brand created throughout the greater Asheville community.

How Remedy Has Implemented Wellness

The name: In the case of Remedy Health & Wellness, the name avoids any negative medical connotations and associations.

  • The products: While some products are to help sick people feel better, Remedy offers products for people who would like to remain healthy, participate in the life they desire and reach their health goals. Athletic compression sleeves and socks from Orthosleeve, Incrediwear and Therafirm, kinesiology tape from KT Tape, and fashionable and supportive footwear from Vionic Shoes are products that you will find stocked on the shelves.   
  • The store design: Remedy focused on designing a fresh, clean, modern-looking store that would welcome many demographics to come in and shop around.
  • The marketing: Remedy’s marketing plan is multi-pronged: traditional marketing to reach the senior market and new-age marketing to reach the younger demographic. The business recognizes the importance of building its name in the community by connecting with people through health fairs, inviting people to the store and joining groups such as the Chamber of Commerce.

How You Can Shift from Sickness to Wellness in Your Store

When it comes to implementing this shift in your own store, it doesn’t necessarily mean creating a whole new store entity. Here are a few smaller ways to adjust to the shift:

  • Add an “All-natural/Organic” section – All-natural, organic, GMO-free shampoos, lotions and essential oils are some of the most sought after products in the wellness industry. By simply adding a 2 ft. x 2 ft. H-unit fixture of these products into your store, you can increase add-on sales with these impulse-type items.
  • Erase the stigma of our medical products – Talk about the products you already have in a new way. Instead of messaging your power scooters “for people with limited mobility,” they’re “for people who want to continue to participate in family activities.”
  • Participate in non-traditional marketing efforts – Explore social media. Get involved in community events like 5Ks and health fairs. Visit local schools, gyms and fitness centers to build awareness. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

About Remedy Health & Wellness

The Remedy Health & Wellness Store is a product of VGM Retail’s “Health and Wellness Store Model” service. VGM Retail’s Health & Wellness Store concept is a complete store package that provides all the tools and resources needed to open and manage a cash-only, “health and wellness lifestyle” retail store. With this all-cash model, providers will be able to give their customers exactly what they need immediately without having to deal with third-party billing and reimbursement. It is a quick and simple way to start or expand into retail, either as a stand-alone entity or infused with their existing business.

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