FrozenPeaz® Becomes Newest VGM Vendor Partner

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FP_logo-300x63 FrozenPeaz® has joined VGM Group, Inc. to offer their hot and cold therapy wrap products to members. The partnership provides an opportunity for VGM Members to expand on their offering of retail-ready products available to customers. FrozenPeaz® is the next generation in flexible form-fitting, long-lasting, hot and cold therapy relief.

  • Designed in consultation with physicians and therapists
  • As flexible as a bag of frozen vegetables without the mess
  • Cold Therapy: conformable down to 0ºF for form-fitting cooling comfort
  • Hot Therapy: easily heats in microwave or hot water bath for soothing hot therapy
  • Safe: VirtualPeaz™ are floating in a natural, non-toxic, plant-based solution
  • Reusable
Their extensive line of therapy products include ProPeaz™ light compression wraps, TheraPeaz® wraps and BumpPeaz®. The ProPeaz™ wraps are durable yet soft to the skin and is available in several sizes of wraps. The T-shape Wrap is for neck and shoulder pain while the Large Joint Wrap addresses pain points for the knee, shoulder or back. The Small Joint Wrap can be used to sooth pain in the foot, ankle, wrist, elbow and lower leg. From migraine headaches to back pain to sore feet/ankles and everything in between, the TheraPeaz® and BumpPeaz® lines provide soothing pain relief for everyday aches and pains when compression isn’t necessary. FrozenPeaz® innovative, doctor-recommended products deliver the high performance hot and cold therapy your customers need to Relieve Pain, Reduce Swelling, and Recover Faster™ For more information about FrozenPeaz® hot/cold packs and their assortment of therapy wraps, visit them online at, email [email protected] or call 716-775-PEAZ (7329).