Generate Passive Income With Autowraps – A Rolling Billboard

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How is a single mom able to help her children navigate college without being burdened with student loans?

Recently, our Sentinel customer, Cathleen, introduced me to the way her college sons earn passive income with autowraps. Autowraps provide them with enough monthly income to pay their car payments, insurance, and gas.

This entrepreneurial mom owns a consulting service where she advises parents, teens, and young adults on how to go to college without taking on debt. Along with her many recommendations about grants, local scholarships, community colleges, colleges, and universities that have “No Loan Financial Aid Policies,” she shared a concept many may be unfamiliar with – vehicle wrap advertising.

Cathleen has three sons. The oldest graduated from USC with a BS degree, her middle son is a junior at USC, and her youngest is a freshman at South Coast Community College. Each of her sons launched their college careers with a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle. With the aid of the VW dealer, she was able to locate a company that specialized in vehicle wrap advertising for college students. Autowraps are a rolling billboard. The boys now average about $600.00 per month.

To find out more about autowraps, start by searching online for car wrap advertising and advertising on your car. There are a number of national companies that will provide you with more information about what they do on their websites. Drivers are selected based on their location, age, sex, and car type. Drivers will be questioned about their driving habits, how long they spend commuting to work or school, and daily activities like restaurants and sporting events that they frequent.

To be eligible, the vehicle must be a 2010 or newer and in mint condition. The driver must be at least 18, have a stellar driving record, and proof of insurance. One can earn close to $200 weekly if the commute is lengthy, they are in a heavily populated area, and have a fully wrapped car. The campaigns can run anywhere from one to six months and normally have annual renewals.

But beware, as there are many scammers in this industry. Be diligent in your search.

Legitimate companies NEVER ask for up-front money, always thoroughly vet the applicant, and always cover the cost of wrapping the vehicle for you.

This passive income tip is brought to you by VRM Telematic/Sentinel Pro.