Get Your Reimbursement Notifications From U.S. Rehab Now

Posted on in Product and Service Solutions

By Dan Fedor, U.S. Rehab

Did you miss the reimbursement blog/newsletter article regarding the importance of the KU modifier from Dec. 17, 2017? Or the one regarding the UTN (unique tracking number) ALERT for condition of payment prior authorization program from Nov. 13, 2017? Or the post from October 2016 that ALL repair parts are paid as a lump sum (purchase), even if the part is a capped rental item (let's say a motor E2370) and when used on a base without the purchase option (K0823)?

If so, you are not alone, as it is difficult to keep up on all the changes and updates with Medicare. The blog and the U.S. Rehab newsletter articles are provided to keep our U.S. Rehab members up to date on ALL changes that affect Medicare reimbursement to ensure that you are able to recover payments timely and accurately. However, you are all very busy, and we know it. It’s not easy to read every email you receive or even know if it's important or relevant to you.

However, there is now a way to receive reimbursement notifications directly to your cell phone! To opt into messages, please text EZNGS81432 to 797979.

This reimbursement notification program will start being used immediately with a brief note as to what is changing and when/how it affects reimbursement for mobility products. If the notification is relevant to you, then click on the link within the notification for additional details and references.

Don’t miss out on any reimbursement updates any longer! For any questions, please contact Dan Fedor at (844) 794-8459.