Give Your Marketing Strategy a Boost – Three Forms of Cause Marketing that Work

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Cause Marketing: A marketing strategy in which a business’ sales are linked to a charity or other public cause. Unlike philanthropy, money spent in cause-related marketing is considered an expense and is expected to show a return. Cause marketing is the newest trend in marketing, and shows no signs of going away. The public has responded and they want to purchase brands that have social concerns beyond their own profits. And for companies willing to invest time, money and labor into cause marketing, the return on investment can be significant. Cause marketing efforts do not have to be large, expensive or difficult to implement. However, if well-structured and implemented correctly, cause marketing engages consumers, generates positive brand recognition and increases sales and charitable donations. Cause marketing comes in many forms:

  1. Traditional Cause Marketing Campaign: This type was made popular with brands like Toms Shoes. When customers purchase one pair of shoes for themselves, one pair of shoes is given to someone in need. The Toms brand helped catapult the one-for-one strategy to the forefront of cause marketing.
  1. Consumer Cause Marketing Campaign: Consumer cause marketing is using your business’ location as the home for a campaign such as a food drive or a blood drive. The most recognizable form of consumer cause marketing is the U.S Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program held every holiday season. The public can visit your business to drop off goods; however, financial or product donations are generally not part of this campaign.
  1. Multi-Supplier Campaigns: We have all heard the statement we can do more as a team than on our own. The same holds true for cause marketing. Multi-supplier campaigns are a collaboration of more than one company to support a cause. Studies have shown that multi-supplier campaigns can generate increase more company brand visibility, revenue and fundraising dollars and cause awareness than other forms of cause marketing.
VGM is sponsoring the first ever Access Day USA on June 17, 2015. Access Day USA is a multi-supplier campaign, which aligns HME providers with local disabled individuals in need. This event/campaign connects businesses, suppliers and vendors under one umbrella to help a recipient obtain products or home improvements such as a wheelchair ramp, porch lift or any accessibility device needed to help him live a full and comfortable life. On behalf of all Heartland Conference attendees, VGM is donating the Access Day USA ramps to a family in Cedar Falls, Iowa. If you’d like to partner with Evergreen Life Access® to hold your own Access Day USA event, visit for complete details. AccessDayThe Oleson Family on Access Day USA “This is such a win/win! Your business has the opportunity to live out its vision and mission in a tangible way. Your employees will have more buy-in to the company, the community will get to actually see what you do, you’ll have a platform to promote accessibility, and showcase what your company has to offer, while partnering with a family who needs your services. There is no amount of advertising you can create or a consulting company you can hire to replicate this opportunity. This is a huge platform.” ~ Dan & Annie Olsen