Have a Showroom? We Need Your Help

Posted on in Education and Events

By Jim Greatorex, Vice President, VGM Live at Home

An event we get asked to host quite often is a multi-manufacturer product training session. With new hires and growing businesses, keeping your craftsmen and installers trained is challenging. We want to help, but we need your help.

To host this type of event at a hotel or conference center simply isn’t feasible (with Heartland being an exception). It’s not only a matter of space—it’s about having the necessary product on hand. There is a convenient alternative to hotel and conference center space, though.

We can host a training session at a member’s location.

Here’s a short description of the type of space that can accommodate this style of hands-on training.

  • A showroom or space with much of the product already on location
  • A classroom setting for 20-30 people, and 
  • Lodging preferably within five miles of the location

If your company has this type of setup, and you would like to host an event, please connect with Jim Greatorex. VGM would cover expenses and handle registration and marketing for the event. 

Thanks in advance for any consideration!