Have You Submitted Your ESRD Comments? VGM is here to assist!

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To assist suppliers in submitting comments to CMS about the current proposed rule for competitive bidding changes, VGM has released templates for suppliers to consider using. Due to the regulation covering several aspects of the program, we have broken down the templates by policy area. Suppliers may then copy and paste each major section that is applicable to them prior to submitting.

Click here to view the template!

Instructions prior to submitting:

  • To submit the most effective comment, please add at minimum a paragraph of personal testimony based on impacts to your situation.
  • Please copy and paste any major portions of the templates together based on what is applicable to your business.

Submitting your comment:

  • Visit to submit your comment by clicking here.
  • Click on the “Comment Now” button and follow the prompts.
  • Comments are due by Sept. 10, but comments are encouraged by Aug. 24 as CMS must make revisions quickly prior to issuing the final rule.