Health Care Providers: FBI Warns of New Targeted Attacks on Cell Phones and Other Devices

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From the Desk of Carol Albaugh

This past week, the FBI warned of attackers targeting "internet of things" (IoT) devices.

IoT refers to physical devices such as Wi-fi connected medical devices, routers, streaming radio devices, smart garage door openers and home security systems. In essence, IoT devices are anything that connects to the internet, including your cell phone.

Business owners and specifically health care providers are increasingly deploying IoT devices to improve business processes and patient care. A Public Service Announcement issued by the FBI recommends these steps to immediately decrease your IoT risks:

  • Reboot devices regularly, as most malware is stored in memory and removed upon a device reboot
  • Change default usernames and passwords
  • Use anti-virus regularly and ensure it is up to date
  • Ensure all IoT devices are up to date and security patches are incorporated
  • Configure network firewalls to block traffic from unauthorized IP addresses and disable port forwarding
  • Isolate IoT devices from other network connections

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