Heartland Conference 2016 Loaded with A.H.I.A. Activity

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If you haven’t registered for Heartland Conference 2016, it’s time you should. Just look at what’s in store for you at the June 13-16 event in Waterloo, Iowa:

Accessibility Track

“This year’s Heartland lineup has a wide variety of courses that have deep ties to home accessibility,” said Jerry Keiderling, president of A.H.I.A. “This is also a chance to earn all of your educational credits required for your C.E.A.C. renewal.”

The Accessibility track at this year’s Heartland Conference contains 16 home mod/accessibility-related courses on topics such as marketing, sales techniques, business management, start-up tools, product training and working with payer sources – all essential components for a successful business.

Aids to Daily Living Specialist (ADLS) Certification Training

This ADLS training program will be held Tuesday morning, June 16 from 9 a.m. – Noon. The certified ADLS training program is designed to assist the customer service representative to be better informed and capable of assisting individuals in developing solutions concerning their personal in-home safety, mobility, comfort and independence. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals to be able to maintain their activities of daily living (ADLs) in the home. Successful completion of this program will enhance the knowledge and expertise of those who are committed to helping people continue to live safely and comfortably in their home as life’s changes and challenges occur.

This three-part program is designed to assist the professional dealing in the retail environment of aids to daily living and accessibility items. It is intended to reduce the disparity in training and knowledge found among professionals who evaluate and recommend solutions for the safety, comfort and environmental access needs of the elderly and physically challenged.

“Our Aids to Daily Living Specialist credentialing program is a must for any and all who deal directly with the customer,” said Keiderling. “Learn how to identify needs, relate to their concerns and desires, and build a lasting customer relationship.”

Registration fee is $79, due with your Heartland Conference registration fee.

Click here for more information about ADLS certification.

Live at Home Pro App User Educational Session

If you are currently using this amazing tool for home assessment, or if you’re not using it and want to learn more about it, you’re invited to join this special educational session. “Learn how this powerful tool will help you save time, money and lend an additional air of professionalism to your business,” said Keiderling.

More information about this Live at Home Pro app user educational session will be forthcoming.

A.H.I.A Heartland Promotions

A.H.I.A. is adding even more value to a Heartland Conference registration by offering members TWO C.E.A.C.-related specials:

  • Register and attend Heartland Conference 2016, and you will earn a full $75 credit toward your next scheduled C.E.A.C. renewal fee, and
  • Register for one C.E.A.C. online training program while you’re at Heartland and earn a second C.E.A.C. registration at no charge. This is a $500 value.

Registering for Heartland Conference 2016

This year’s Heartland Conference is themed “Ignite Ideas and Cultivate Connections.” The conference will feature a “Big Ideas” conference track that includes a creative boot camp that presents simple life changes that will have the greatest effect on developing long-term creative problem solving; a “speed networking” event that will play off the idea of speed dating; and a special event to honor the women of the HME industry.

Click here for all things Heartland and to register for Heartland Conference 2016.