Help Us Help You Better Manage Your Business with the VGM Benchmarking Survey

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By Dave Lyman, RRT, Director of Alternate Care, VGM Group, Inc.

We hope that you will participate in the 2017 VGM Benchmarking survey. Your involvement will allow us to compile this comprehensive and exclusive report for your business. Compiling this data will help you better manage your business. It is important to consistently benchmark your business to others to help ensure that you thrive in the future.

To participate in the 2017 VGM Benchmarking Survey, please contact me at 855-290-6685 or [email protected]

Why Take a Benchmarking Survey?

Benchmarking is a common practice and sensible exercise to establish baselines, define best practices, identify improvement opportunities and create a competitive environment within the organization. Benchmarking helps companies:

  • Gain an independent perspective about how well they perform compared to other companies.
  • Clearly identify specific areas of opportunity.
  • Validate assumptions.
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities.
  • Set performance expectations.
  • Monitor company performance and manage change.

Bright Future for DME

The future of DME is bright, especially for our VGM members. As you know, the population is aging. People want to be at home instead of in a medical setting. We also have to remember that we must still show value to payers and our health systems. As DME providers, we are in patients’ homes more than any other health care service. We must now prove our value by measuring our patients’ quality of life, reducing costs, and improving outcomes.

VGM looks forward to supporting your business in any way possible. Now more than ever, we must challenge ourselves to think differently and to think about outcomes as part of the changing health care continuum.  

Please let us know what other services would benefit your business. We look forward to working with you and providing valuable educational and networking opportunities to continue to shape and grow your business.