Home Modifications Trending Now - The Wall Street Journal Tells the Story

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home-modifications-trendingThe June 1 issue of the Wall Street Journal contained a story about home modifications, and the information should sound pretty familiar to AHIA Members and HME providers who are considering entering the home mods marketplace. Writer Sally Abrahms, who specializes in aging issues, interviewed three couples in their 60s who proactively modified their homes – or in one case built an entirely new dwelling – before they needed to. The story notes that a recent study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University found that less than 25 percent of homeowners 55 and older have a bedroom and full bathroom on the first floor of their homes, a way to get into the house without steps, and no steps between rooms, all universal design features that make life easier for all ages. These remodels were expensive by most people’s standards, but seemed less so when compared to the high cost of assisting living facilities or nursing homes. The story noted that “age-friendly features” (shower benches, lever faucets, grab bars, hand-held showers, electrical outlets 18 inches off the floor) were the least expensive parts of the projects. It reinforces what HME providers have known forever: People want to age in their homes, and boomers are willing to spend money to do so. Read the article on Sally Abrahms’ website. How Baby Boomers and Seniors Are “Aging in Place”