How Compassion Can Help Deepen Your Patient Relationships

Posted on in Growth Strategies

By: Mary Avenanti, Director, Off the Shelf Marketing

I called my 87-year-old mom the other day. She answered the phone in tears. She was embarrassed to tell me why she was weepy, so I walked her through the latest life happenings of my seven children and related antics of my four grandchildren, and in less than five minutes her heart was lightened, we were laughing together and she transitioned more easily into telling me about her day.

I listened patiently to her tell me about what a great job the gardener did, how she wanted to pay him extra for his efforts and when she went to write the check, she could not remember how. She excused herself from the gardener and walked a few houses down to get help from her neighbor, who helped her write the check. She sent the now contented gardener on his way, walked back into her little A-frame, closed the door behind her and feeling humiliated and alone, let the tears of frustration flow.

My phone call interrupted her overwhelming feelings of isolation, our conversation led her gently out of a dark place, and she became beautifully receptive. She told me about watching two rabbits “playing” in the bushes and we giggled about why she had not seen them come out yet. We talked about the ten of us kids coming home for Thanksgiving and how she thinks she may become an alcoholic at 87 from sipping on a bit of wine before bed to quell her coughing fits.

The conversation was at least 45 minutes long, and she and I both felt warm, loved and most importantly, connected, by the time it ended.

This experience showed that polished listening skills, patience, compassion and a sense of humor can open the door to effective, productive conversations and connections with your customers.

As the conversation revealed the nature of an individual’s visit to your store, be prepared to capitalize on the open dialogue with tools like product demonstrations, samples or educational literature (like our Know Your Options or HOME guide). These resources can help encourage a purchase AND bring the customer back to your store for more. Most importantly, establish an authentic connection—one they will remember, that makes them feel like they are the most important person in your world and watch their receptivity—and your business—grow.

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