How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Beneficiary Base

Posted on in HME Government Issues

By: Collin Brecher, VGM Government Relations

Providers have answered the call of engaging with their elected officials about the impacts of harmful Medicare policies that impact the durable medical equipment industry. There have been nearly 17,000 messages sent through the VGM Action Center in the past 12 months, and those messages are causing DME to be among large health care discussions on Capitol Hill.

This grassroots coalition of providers and industry stakeholders continues to effectively advocate through messages and countless congressional meetings. In addition to messaging and meetings, network providers and state associations are working together to extend their reach to new beneficiaries through strategically targeted Facebook advertising.

To reach beneficiaries who live in districts that key members of congress represent, People for Quality Care sponsored this commercial, created by MAMES, to be played in these targeted districts. The video saw great success with relatively low costs to run it. The video reached over 76,000 people with over 50 percent of viewers watching a majority of the advertisement. In other words, approximately 42,000 individuals have taken an interest in the commercial that they could have scrolled past as they were looking at Facebook.

Using Facebook Ads is an effective way to effectively target specific types of individuals from whom your business can benefit. Providers have the ability to create these targeted ads for the people who will most likely take an interest.

This targeting can be done a number of ways:

  • Geographically, by location or zip code
  • Specific demographics, such as age
  • Interests like what pages that person likes
  • Mutual connections on Facebook
  • Behaviors and analyzing what that person is searching for

This provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers and local state associations to collaborate and create awareness as beneficiaries continue to have difficulty accessing medical equipment. By working together, the reach of a targeted Facebook Ad can quickly reach 100,000 people in a short amount of time. Not only is this method of marketing extremely customizable, but there are cost control methods that can be used to stay within any given budget or invest more money into it if possible. It is as easy as setting your daily budget and parameters and then watch views pile up.

This effort may sound extremely complex and difficult to arrange, but it is quite simple to do.  People for Quality Care is here to help you, the provider, reach more beneficiaries and VGM Forbin can assist you in reaching new customers. To get started, contact Collin Brecher at [email protected].