How to Advise a Customer to Treat Simple Wounds

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By Heather Trumm, BSN, RN, CWON, director of Wound Care, VGM Group, Inc.

I received a phone call from a VGM member who is going to start supplying wound care supplies. She asked how I would advise a customer to treat simple wounds such as a curling iron burn to the forearm. As a wound care nurse, I’m more than happy to explain what and why the reason for anything related to wound care.

For a simple burn, I suggest using a transparent film dressing. It’s a thin, transparent polyurethane adhesive film that protects and has other advantages. It is made specifically for partial thickness wounds with minimal drain and/or closed wounds.

Here are the benefits of using a transparent dressing or film (used interchangeably):

  • Promotes autolysis, or using the body’s own chemical makeup to digest the necrotic tissue of the body’s white blood cells and enzymes. Autolysis is selective, meaning it only digests the “bad tissue” and keeps the “good tissue” intact.  
  • Protects the wound from outside contaminates.

You want to suggest customers to wear the dressings for as long as they can. Longer wear time increases the healing rate. The wound does its best work when at the temperature of the body. If it’s exposed to cool conditions (the air), it slows down in healing.

To enhance adhesion of the dressing, I suggest using a skin barrier around the wound edges. It’s important to let the skin barrier solution dry before applying the dressing. The skin barrier increases wear time of the dressing and protects the periwound skin (the skin around the wound). 

Remember not to stretch the dressing when applying it. Simply lay it on the wound.

When removing the transparent dressing, start at the edges and pull horizontally, not vertically. Keep doing this as it will be less painful for the patient. There is another wound product to put on the dressing to help remove it called “adhesive removers.” They are helpful if the patient has a low pain tolerance.

Are you looking to expand your business into the wound care market for HME? Contact me, and I can help you navigate through the tricky landscape in wound care.

Thank you!

Heather Trumm BSN, RN, CWON
Director of Wound Care
C:  319-493-8523
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