How to Become an HME Champion, Part One: Train Like an Olympian

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Note: This is the first of a four-part series of articles that offer VGM members insights on why training together, finding great coaches, fueling up and staying determined can help them succeed and finish on top of the HME podium. 

By Lalaina Rabary, VGM Marketing

Standing on a podium with an Olympic gold medal around your neck.

This is the dream of more than 11,000 athletes who are currently competing in the summer Olympic Games in Rio. Similarly, the millions of aspiring athletes who are watching them.

So, how does one become a champion? Not just in gymnastics, swimming or downhill snowboarding, but in business and more specifically, the HME industry?

Step #1: Train Like an Olympian

The training regimen of an HME champion may not consist of grueling early morning practices or strict diet requirements, but it is important nonetheless. Here are some key elements from Olympic training that can be implemented in your work week.

Plot Your Schedule

Just like an Olympian, your day is packed, but is it scheduled? Train like an Olympian by plotting your schedule (to the best of your ability) on paper. When you are focused on your scheduled task, close the door, set your phone to “Send Calls,” and turn off your email notifications. You will find that creating a space for your tasks will help minimize distractions and move you closer to hitting your goals. If you find yourself struggling to stay on task, set a timer. Once the timer goes off, stop what you’re doing, and move on to the next task. Related read: How to Craft a Perfect, Productive 40-Hour Workweek.  

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Shannon Miller, an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, stresses that no one can get into the Olympics on physical ability alone. “The physical aspect of the sport can only take you so far,” says Miller. “The mental aspect has to kick in, especially when you’re talking about the best of the best.”

Your mental game has to be strong, because you’re up against some tough competition in the HME world. One way to step up your mental training is through the use of repetition. If keeping track of inventory or using a new automation system is proving to be a challenge, do not give up! Stick to the process until you master your technique, and once you do, repeat it…and repeat it again. Repetition is useful when you’re learning a new skill or teaching others. 

Push Through the Pain

In order to win the gold, Olympians have to learn how to push through pain. Similarly, you have to be skilled in pushing through moments of discomfort. When the pain of working within HME arises, and it will, remember it is temporary. Do not let the pain that comes with unhappy employees or customers veer you away from your mission.

Strategy, repetition, determination - these are all important elements of successful training. When it comes to becoming an HME champion, Olympians are proving to be great teachers.

Like this article? Stay tuned for Step #2 in next week’s CONNECT blog.