Incident Response Planning: Who's Your Go-To Security Expert?

Posted on in Cybersecurity

When an organization has a breach in data or has been the victim of a cyberattack, we call this an incident. While we’d love to live in a world where we don’t have to assume incidents can and will happen to you, this isn’t the case. That’s why VGM Technologies offers incident response planning for VGM members. In this article, we’ll walk through what that means and why it’s necessary for your organization to have a security expert in your corner. Let’s get started, shall we?

What is Incident Response Planning?

This is a proactive approach to handling incidents. Your organization should have a predetermined plan ready for when the time comes to respond to a breach in security. It will help you detect, respond and recover in a way that limits damage while reducing recovery time and costs. A plan should include:

·        An incident recovery team with their names and contact information

·        A reference for all system details (i.e. data flow diagrams, network diagrams, etc.)

·        Procedure for reporting and handling a suspected incident


Who Should be on the Incident Recovery Team?

This is where the experts come in. An incident recovery team is a group of people that you trust to implement the incident response plan. These are typically members of the IT staff who collect, preserve and analyze incident-related data. The IT personnel may need to work with lawyers and communications experts to make sure that legal obligations are met. If you do not have an IT team on staff, we can work with you to connect your organization with VGM’s expert cybersecurity partners.


What Happens If I Don’t Have an Incident Response Plan?

The short version: bad things will happen. The long version: it will take a much longer time to stop the attacks, repair weaknesses and respond appropriately to all parties if you do not have a plan in place. Even the best of the best in the IT industry have plans in place, so there is no room for panic or error when a cyberattack hits.


It’s important to note that the most sought after information on the dark web is healthcare information. If a hacker has access to data from a healthcare provider or organization, they have the opportunity to make a huge profit off of stolen identity info. This means that we can guarantee your organization will be hit with a cyberattack at some point. Will you have a plan in place for when it occurs? Let us help you prepare by establishing your incident response plan today.