Kentucky Governor Signs HME Licensure Bill, Ensuring Quality Service for Home Medical Equipment Consumers

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On April 13, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed HB562 into law. The new law changes the jurisdiction of home medical equipment providers from the Board of Pharmacy to forming their own board and oversight within the Cabinet for Occupations and Professions.

“Our mission is to protect access to the service component of home medical equipment,” said Thad Connally, president of Kentucky Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (KMESA). “We want to make sure that consumers are properly educated and supported in use of their equipment in order to improve their quality of health within the home, and this new law will do just that. KMESA thanks the Board of Pharmacy for assisting the association in obtaining our initial licensure several years ago. Our association believes that we, as providers within our industry, can better implement and enforce the laws and regulations to promote consumer safety.”

Governor Bevin will appoint the members of the Durable Medical Equipment Board to oversee the licensure process from candidates submitted by KMESA. In addition, a citizen representing the public will be seated on the board. The board will oversee approval and issuance of licenses by for companies providing services to home medical equipment users within the Commonwealth.

“We would like to thank Rep. Jody Richards, Senator Mike Wilson, Senator Julie Raque Adams and Senator David Givens for all of their help,” said Connally.

In addition, a representative of the home medical equipment industry will be made a member of the Kentucky Medicaid Advisory Council.

“We are looking forward to the formation of our own board in order to protect the citizens who utilize home medical equipment” said Connally.