Make Process Improvement Part of Your Business Culture: Part 1

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In this two-part series, we'll explore 1) what process improvement can mean for your HME business, and 2) the importance of knowing and analyzing your key performance indicators (KPIs) to direct process decisions and assess their effectiveness.

Why You Should Add Workflow Assessment to the Bucket of Continuous Improvement

The process of assessing workflow provides many benefits to HMEs. Assessing workflow often results in business process redesign or process improvement. The result? Less money spent on inefficiencies and waste. Also, going through the process allows managers to develop and document formalized job functions and roles, which are beneficial for training new hires or teaching processes.

Your business model will likely evolve to include more services or focuses on particular areas of expertise, always adjusting to address market needs. Having a firm understanding of your process improvement philosophy and developing a custom methodology will help to reduce waste, remove bottlenecks, and improve the customer experience.

Consider making process improvement a formal part of your company guidelines. A few ways to get started are:

  • Seek to develop expertise among your staff in the form of developing project management skills, standard work, and solid communication.
  • Grow teams with active support for process improvement.
  • Create visualized process maps and checklists.
  • Enable technology and automation wherever it makes sense.

In next week’s Connect, we’ll look at how to identify and leverage KPIs to guide your workflow analysis.