Managing People: Using Personality Assessment Tests to Benefit Your Company

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Employees are typically an organization’s biggest asset – and biggest expense.

You need them to utilize their individual strengths to benefit your company and perform at a high level. There are easy-to-use tools and resources to assist the small business owner in developing human capital – that’s human resources lingo for employees – for enhanced professional growth.

Personality Assessment Tests - Tool to Enhance Professional Growth 

One type of tool is personality assessment tests, which have been around since the 1920’s. Nearly 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use these tests to assess employees for coaching, development and team building, notes Psychology Today. Test results allow business owners and managers to identify personality types or themes and uncover motivators unique to each. Results also provide techniques on how best to communicate with employees based on their individual communications style.

VGM’s Manager of Talent Acquisition and Employee Development Amy Streeter describes several advantages of using a personality assessment test to develop human capital:

  • Embrace and recognize employees’ strengths, values and preferences to position them for success,
  • Formulate project groups based on individual work style, and
  • Gain an understanding of each employee’s communication, leadership and learning style.

Implementing personality testing within any size organization can significantly increase employee engagement, productivity and strengthen staff communication. To the employee, a personality test helps them identify strengths and areas for improvement. Knowing each employee’s identified personality type provides a common understanding for working through conflict or to helping accomplish assigned group tasks.

Three Inexpensive, User-Friendly Personality Tests

Most HME providers don’t have full-time HR managers to hire, train and develop employees. Streeter recommends selecting a personality profile tool, taking the assessment then asking your team to do the same to identify each staff member’s dominant talents. This allows you and your team a better understanding of the style or personality of each team member

#1: DISC

The DISC model is the quickest and most cost effective of the three tests outlined here. DISC is built to understand two motivators that drive human behaviors: motor drive and compass drive. The acronym DISC is defined in different ways: Dominant or Decisive, Inspiring or Influencing, Supportive or Steady, Cautious or Conscientious.

Through a series of questions, the DISC test analyzes the intensity level of each employee’s tendencies as they relate to motor drive – whether they are outgoing or reserved – and compass drive – whether they are task-oriented or people-oriented. Test results will inform you under which quadrant each employee falls on the DISC Model of Human Behavior. A free assessment is available online and should take less than 10 minutes to complete. An optional upgrade provides an in-depth evaluation and personalized analysis.

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